SAA Secure Anchorage Area West Africa | Our services
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Our services


Secure Anchorage Area (SAA) West Africa is situated approximately 12nm off the South-West coast of Lagos, Nigeria in the LAT 06.17.30N/003.12.00. We provide a dedicated and compliant maritime security solution through the use of armed security vessels providing 24/7/365 protection for Client vessel operations in the region. Our security vessels are operating with armed Nigerian Naval Forces on board and comply with National and International maritime laws under NIMASA, Nigerian Port Authorities (NPA) and a very strict Nigerian Navy Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). We protect international oil and bulk carriers, oil rig platforms and supply vessels operating in the region. The SAA is also used as a staging platform for the mobilization of offshore and Ship to Ship operations.

Breaking wave


Ship to Ship (STS) operations take place under strict rules governed by Nigerian Port Authorities (NPA). The STS is the only area where vessels can securely operate Ship to Ship transfers of oil, fuel, and cargo. The STS is situated North East of the SAA in the Longitudinal and Latitudinal directions below.
LAT 06°19.00’N : LONG 003°15.58’E
LAT 06°19.20’N : LONG 003°21.00’E
LAT 06°13.00’N : LONG 003°24.00’E
LAT 06°12.00’N : LONG 003°15.58’E

We provide armed security vessels to protect Ship to Ship operations under strict NIMASA, Nigerian Port Authorities (NPA) and Nigeria Navy Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) rules and regulations. The service is provided to companies already operating under the services of the SAA and can be planned advance of arriving into the SAA. From the SAA we escort vessels to the sampling area prior to conducting Ship to Ship transfers and all operations are coordinated through our 24hr Tactical Operations Centre (TOC) based in Lagos where detailed instructions and advice is offered for entry and exit of both the SAA and STS areas.



In addition to the Ship Security Assessment (SSA) required in the ISPS Code, our onboard Maritime Safety Liaison Officer (MSLO) provide up to date tactical information for Nigerian water and the Gulf of Guinea and advise on the following:-

  • The Threat (who are the perpetrators, what do they want to achieve,
    how do they attack, how do they board, which weapons do they use.
  • Background factors shaping the situation (visibility, sea-state,
    traffic patterns e.g. other commercial ships, fishermen and human
  • Possibilities for co-operation in Nigerian waters (employment of OMS
    patrol vessels, registering with authorities.
  • The ship’s characteristics/vulnerabilities/inherent capabilities to
    withstand the threat (freeboard, speed, general arrangement)
  • Ship’s Procedures (drills, watch rosters, chain of command, decision-
    making processes)


Security Patrol boat

OMS SAA provide a dedicated and bespoke security solution to suit our clients requirements. Whether requiring a security escort from the SAA to Lagos Port or from 80 miles offshore into the SAA Lagos, our security escort service can be seamlessly arranged along with your entry into the SAA or individually as required. Where you require resupply or multiple locations over a period of time a dedicated and bespoke escort service 24/7, transiting from Lagos to Warri, Warri to Port Harcourt, OMS SAA have the solution for you.


OMS SAA provide bespoke security solutions for our clients and their onshore staff and personnel. We provide a dedicated Journey Management Solution ensuring staff and personnel are safe, well briefed and catered for during their stay in Lagos. OMS SAA deliver Maritime Crisis Management Training and Business Continuity support to our clients attending your offices throughout Nigeria to deliver bespoke, up to date and realistic Crisis Management Training to our clients, their staff and personnel alternatively this can be conducted from arrange of training venues.